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s or it didn’t happen! We’re looking back at our time in Bologna last month with a collection of photos. Besides the many movies we’ve seen, we’ve also fallen in love with the city and its terraces, gin-tonics and all the delicious Italian food.

One takes the EXPOSED team, an Airbnb apartment, sunny weather and a beautiful city; the key-ingredients for a memorable trip. Impossible not to enjoy!

Every morning we took the bus to the Cinema Ritrovato meeting-point to have breakfast with each other and discuss the plans for the day with the other ambassadors.

On day two we took a tour in the workshop area of Cineteca di Bologna, where young children get the opportunity to produce their own movie within five days. From writing the script to filming, the creative skills of the kids are put to the test.



The beautiful Cinema Lumière was the location where we started our day. Cinema  Lumière is not only a movie theater, but has also an exhibition room, a beautiful library and a cosy outdoor bar. With the program booklets in our hand, we made a selection of the films that we wanted to see per day.


Next to the film screenings at Piazza Maggiore at night, several cinemas in the city screened films during the day: a more than welcome way to escape the heat of the sun.

While writing articles or after an intense movie – like the uncut 3.5 hour version of Apocalypse Now (1979) – we enjoyed a cold beverage, saluti!


Cinema Ritrovato 2016 was a great experience for us. The wonderful movies on the big screen, the atmosphere and the good care of the organization; tutto buono!  



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